Das B&B von WeitemThe house «Il Vitturin» is located just above the lake Laax. It is possible to park your car next door. The bus stop “Laax, See/Lag” is only 50 m away. In winter- and summertime, the B&B offers the best conditions for all kind of excursions.

Built in a traditional way using mainly wood, the house provides a welcoming warmth.

Every room has its own separate bath/shower and toilet. There is a kitchen as well, where tea or coffee can be made anytime. In the dining/sitting room there is a fireplace. The floor is natural tiled and the bedrooms have laminated wood surfaces. The furniture is made of massive wood or leather.

Der Balkon des B&BThe apartment is surrounded by a veranda of more than 55 square meters – an invitation to enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you like to sit with friends at a table or alone in a lounge chair, there is enough room for all needs.

Next door to the house is free parking. In bad weather motorcycles can be parked in the garage. There is a separate drying room for wet clothing, ski boots and so on.

A few minutes walk away are:

  • Shops
  • Post office
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Ski rental
  • Free children T-Bar (in winter)
  • Free Ice skating (in winter)
  • Indoor swimming pool, fitness center and sauna

„Il Vitturin” („The waggoner“) is part of our family history. My father and oldest brother were the last waggoners in the village. During winter they earned extra money transporting cut lumber. Fourty years ago it was hard work. Using horses, wagons, picks, chains and winches, they dragged large trees out of the steep, narrow gorges. Earlier winters, were harder, longer and with more snow. The work was difficult and dangerous. Mountain farmers didn’t have many alternatives to earn cash to feed their large families.

Aussenansicht des B&B

In the early 70’s more tourists started visiting Laax. Larger hotels and holiday flats were built. Small businesses established themselves. The locals didn‘t have to leave the mountains to find work. The village grew in size, however not always designed, to be a part of nature here. We have to be careful that we can enjoy the mountains now and in the future.

The house was built in 1991, and in summer/autumn 2015 l renovated the middle flat into a B&B. Here, I have make sure to preserve the landscape scenery.